What I See

I wish you could see what I see.
A woman worth pursuing, 
After Him, after truth, after life.
A beauty that matches heart and face, 
But matchless among your peers.
A bride with eyes glossy and sparkling, 
And smile that shines joy down the aisle.
A wife of noble character, found, 
And worn like a crown upon my head.
A companion genuine, trustworthy, and honest, 
Whose conversation matters and uplifts.
A helper in goodness and in making a home, 
For our princesses, our prince, and my heart.
That is what I see.

I wish you could see what they see.
A woman who has substance, 
Not fashioned for just braids and pearls.
A model for sure, 
Of modesty, respect, and purity.
A disciple who loves her Teacher, 
Who wants His words, His ways, His smile.
A friend, knowing no agendas, 
Whom just knowing makes them better.
A gift to the church, precious and treasured, 
Gifted in spirit, in character, in praise.
A mom whose children evidence your love, 
Wisdom, toughness, and determination. 
That is what they see.

I wish you could see what He sees.
A child, born by the Spirit, 
And adopted at tremendous price.
A testimony of His grace to His praise, 
One story in His story for His glory.
A source of pride and pleasure, 
A place for His joyful smile to shine.
A clay jar for sure to be handled with strength, 
Holding, protecting, carrying home.
A vessel of blessings and ministry, 
Gifted by Him to lift hearts toward His Son.
A princess, royal, respectable, untouchable, 
For His enemies to revere and His angels to behold.
That is what He sees.

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