Ten Reasons Why the Pro-Abortion Movement Is Wrong

October 9, 2013

Here are ten reasons why the pro-abortion movement is wrong.

First, the movement is so obviously driven by human selfishness. It’s fundamental cry is “My right!” and its fundamental motivation is convenience. Millions of babies are destroyed every year simply because many people care more about themselves than their own babies.

Second, the movement exists because of human irresponsibility. Abortion functions as a form of birth control for the promiscuously unmarried and for women who value a workplace more than a family. The felt need for abortion is usually in reaction to the fears associated with irresponsible relationships and desires.

Third, the movement stands on an false dichotomy, “choice vs. no choice,” as if women get pregnant without making some very significant choices. Obviously, rape is an exception to this point, but every pro-life advocate believes in a woman’s choice. They believe that a woman chooses to participate in sex. This choice carries with it the possibility of pregnancy. If a woman cannot cope with the possibility of becoming a mother, she is not ready to have sex.

Fourth, the movement rests on a ridiculous criteria for determining human life, as if a an unborn baby becomes essentially different simply because it passes through a birth canal. It is amazing to believe that one moment a baby is completely expendable and the next it is beautiful and priceless simply because of a change in location. It is equally amazing to apply an arbitrary point of viability to the gestation period as if a baby’s value hangs in the difference between a few days of pregnancy.

Fifth, the movement denies the very obvious fact that the result of human conception is human life. The embryo is obviously human. It is in a human stage of life. It has human parents, and it has human DNA. Further, the embryo is obviously alive. It is growing. It is feeding. It is moving. To deny either is a denial of science and reason. It is human life.

Sixth, the movement holds forth arbitrary judgment concerning whose life is valuable and whose is not. It tells women that their babies are only important if they want them to be. Because the simple fact of human life does not ensure human rights, human rights must be arbitrarily decided by people in power. Down syndrome babies, rape babies, impoverished babies, etc. are undesirable to many abortionist on purely subjective grounds.

Seventh, the movement exchanges the beauty of a birth day for the horror of an extraction date. Instead of the joy of welcoming life, it prefers the sorrows of death.

Eighth, the movement is destructive to women. It denies that the instincts of motherhood are a mark of a woman’s basic identity. It tells women that pregnancy is not a blessing but a problem and then leaves women in the emotional aftermath of their wrong decisions.

Ninth, the movement preys on the weak and defenseless. Instead of protecting the weakest among us, the pro-abortion movement supports the abuse of power. In every society, the strong are capable of destroying the weak; in the pro-abortion society this activity is celebrated.

Tenth, the movement denies the sovereignty of Almighty God. Instead of telling women to trust in the Creator who has made them pregnant for a purpose, the pro-abortionist tells women that their babies are a mistake. Instead of telling women to trust in the provision of a loving God, the pro-abortionist tells women to trust in the perversion of a procedure of hate.

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